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The Book of Silk:


The Book of Horn:


Note: this is an updated database. If you can fill in any of the blanks, post in the comments. The EoTLS is open to outside contributions, and will provide full credit for exceptional entries or additions to existing entries. Please post in the comments.

AANVAGEN: Wife of Beroep in Dorp. She and her husband have no children. She describes her dream to Silkhorn of two children in her living room who tell her to make Jahlee go away. 

ABANJA: The head of Siyuf's intelligence unit. She rides a horse. She probably was Doctor Crane's supervisor and gets respect from his peers as an enterprising commander in her own right. Her rank is Colonel. Later we learn that Abanja is the head of Sinew's village on Green, where she goes by the handle Maliki.

Addax. VBM

AER: A flier. Sciathan's lover. She dies during the war.

AFFITO: Inclito's coachman.

Ah Lah. RM (god)

Aloe. VBF

A-man. RM (human)

Aquifolia. VBF

Aquila. AM (eagle)

Arolla. VBF

Asphodella. VBF

Aster. VBF

ATTENO: A shopkeeper of Blanko. He is an early acolyte of the Incanto and Silkhorn sleeps in his shop and uses his paper.

AUK: Born in 304. The dimber cull who is possessed by Tartaros and Pas into helping Silk. He likes Silk and would probably have helped him anyway. He was a longtime patron of Orchid's where he met Orpine and Chenille.  He is five years older than Silk. In his afterword to The Book of Silk, Horn describes his disgust for Auk, and that only Silk, Chenille and Marble had good things to say about him.

AZIJIN: A sergeant in Dorp who helps Silkhorn.

AZOTH: An energy weapon, presumably from Urth. Sigana possesses two of them, one of which he gives to Hyacinth to give to Silk. Blood has more than one as well. Small enough to be hidden in the waistband of an augur's robe. Each azoth has a bloodstone that serves as its trigger.

BABBIE: The hus that accompanies Horn on his trip to Pajorocu. There is some indication that part of Horn goes into Babbie after his return from the Whorl. At the end of On Blue's Waters, Horn hears himself being called to the shore as Babbie.

BADOUR: The guard on Urth who leaves his post to bring Silkhorn and company in to see his officer. The reason for the original lack of an officer at the gate during the opening of the same scene in The Shadow of the Torturer.

BALETIGER: A predatory animal of Blue. It has soft feet with seven toes. Although large, the baletiger doesn't appear to be very fast. Silkhorn controls a baletiger while conducting the war against Soldo.

Babirousa. VBM

BALA: Sinew's wife on Green.

Bass. VBM

Bellflower. VBF

BEROEP: Aanvagen's husband. He is "portly." He is tormented with a dream of voices while Silkhorn stays in his house. He owns many boats, and other wealthy men of Viron want to bankrupt him to secure them.

BETEL: Sun Street sibyl who continued to live with the prosthetic parts from Moly.

BISON: Mint's second-in-command during the revolution. Loyal to the calde. Silk discerns he is a former thief from his description of a secret entrance into the Orilla. He marries Mint and becomes Calde himself after her.

Bittersweet. VBU

BLAZINGSTAR: A magnate of New Viron. The Book of Horn is written in the second year of his caldeship in New Viron.

BLOOD:  Born in 276. Maytera Rose's son. He is a criminal overlord who becomes wealthy working for the Ayuntamiento. He owns Orchid's. About 54 at the beginning of Nightside the Long Sun. He is gay, and his lover is Musk. He deals rust according to his mother. He tells Silk that if it weren't for Mucor, he would have been calde, which seems like a very strange assertion unless you can connect him to Tussah in some fashion. When he finds out that Maytera Marble killed Musk, he moves to kill her, but Silk kills him to save Maytera Marble's life.

BLUE: One of two planets in the Short Sun system. Blue is farther from the sun and has a more temperate climate. The two planets are separated by 100,000 miles.

BLUEBELL: A whore at Orchid's with blue eyes.

BLUEBILLY: A type of fish in blue's waters.

BOOK OF HORN: Also know as The Book of the Short Sun. Horn says he doesn't care what we call it as long as we read it. Michael Andre-Druissi has clarified when the majority of the book was written and by who in the following fashion:

BONGO: Gib's trained baboon. He brings him to be sacrificed, but Patera Jerboa thinks monkeys look like children.

BREAM: A Vironese man who sacrifices during Maytera Rose's funeral. 

Brocket. VBM

Bull. VBM

BUSTARD: Auk's older brother. He appears to have been a spy for Trivigaunte. He won the Molpe Cup in some fighting competition. There are intimations that Auk killed him, but he is long dead by the time of The Book of Silk.

CADDIS: the writer of the Chrasmologic Writings who lived over two centuries prior and witnessed the theophanies of Tartaros, Scylla, Echidna, and Pas, and coined the term "Holy Hues" in reference to the colorful swirl that signals the comings and goings of the gods in Sacred Windows. He may have been possessed by Pas at the time he penned the Writings. It is rumored that Caddis was one of the ideas for the author of The Book of Silk before Wolfe settled on Horn.

CALF: One of Horn's brothers. A shopkeeper of New Viron.

CASSAVA: The woman Mucor possessed at Maytera Rose's funeral. When Silk takes the needler away from her, Mucor says she wasn't really going to shoot him, but she could. Cassava rests in the augur's manteion and may be fed upon by Quetzal.

Cat. VBM

CATAMITUS: A minor male god.

Catamitus. DM

Cavy. VBM

CHAMOMILE: Swallow's female assistant.

CHARACTERS: You can find Sean Whalen's character list for The Book of Silk here.

CHENILLE: The biological daughter of Calde Tussah and a woman in his service. She is 20, busty and beautiful. She is a baby when Tussah is killed and she is hidden by her mother. She becomes a whore at Orchid's and is possessed by Kypris and Scylla. She has acne scars on her face and a wonderful figure. Tussah liked large women and Chenille's mother is described by Loris as a "virago." She stabs Orpine while possessed by Mucor. 

CHERVIL: Coypu's wife. She meets Silk in Limna.

Chiquito. AM (parrot)

CHRONOLOGY OF BOOKS: According to Nick Gevers, here is the chronological order of all the works in the Urth cycle:

"The Boy Who Hooked the Sun"
"The God and His Man"
"Empires of Foliage and Flower"
"The Night Chough"
"These Are The Jokes"
"The Map"
"The Cat"
"The Old Woman Whose Rolling Pin Is The Sun"

I'm not sure why "The Night Chough" can't have taken place before The Book of Silk.

Civet. VBM

CLIJFER: Captain Wijzer's wife, possibly an inhumi.

CORN: The sibyl who wakes Marble in the Whorl.

CORPO: The meetings where the men of Blanko discuss current events.

COYPU: The man Silk meets in Limna who tells him about suffering heatstroke and meeting Doctor Crane. Possibly an agent of Crane or Quetzal.

CRANE: Sigada as he is called in Trivigaunte. He became a spy in Viron for money. Born in 276 in Trivigaunte. He is killed by the portion of the chemical soldiers loyal to the Calde when they believe they are mounting a rescue operation outside of Limna. Silk suspects Crane is a spy after Crane tells him he is only the third person with blue eyes he has ever met. Silk explains that the ratio of blue-eyed to brown is about 1 in 20 in Viron, and less in other cities.

Crane carries a heart monitor. When he dies the Trivigaunti horde attacks Viron.

Crassula. VBF

CRICKET: Cowslip's son and Horn's nephew.

CUGINO: A woodcutter of Blanko who makes Incanto's staff.

DACE: The sailor whose boat Scylla commands to take Auk, Chenille and Incus to the tunnels of Limna. He is killed by Gelada in the tunnels after making friends with Auk.

DAHLIA. A bio student at the palaestra contemporary with Moly, who she resembles.

DECINA: Inclito's cook. She is afraid of Incanto.

Desmid. VBU

Dreoilin. MBF

EATING: The inhumi do not, which is one way of distinguishing them from humans. The fact that Silkhorn eats very little throughout The Book of Horn has been noticed by many observers. The most straightforward explanation is that now he is a Vanished Person and no longer requires as much, if any food. The other possible explanation for this note in the text is presented by Michael Straight: 

If Silk was used to fasting and eating very lightly all his life, then Horn/Silk would probably get sick if he tried to eat as much as Horn was used to eating.  Thus all the fuss about not eating -- Horn wants to eat, but knows he'll regret it if he does.

ECHIDNA: The wife of Pas. She conspired to kill him so he hid himself in Mainframe. Silk's instinct is to disobey her theophany. She is the mother of the gods and queen of the Whorl.

ECO: Mora's husband. He is a mercenary. Both he and Mora are imprisoned and after she is raped by their guards against his protests, they fall in love.

EFT: A cull.

ELAND: A convicted murderer sent to the pits, where he has a strong rapport with animals. He trains young gods. General Mint sees some good in him as they escape the tunnels. He is killed in the Calde's Palace by Hossaan, who mistakes him for Spider.

Elodia. VBF

ESCHAR: A magnate of New Viron.

ERMINE: The male owner of the largest home in Viron. It is a hotel and restaurant.

Erne. VBM

EVENSONG: A woman of Han who becomes concubine to Silkhorn and leaves him near Blanko.

FAVA: An inhumi who is Mora's friend and lives in Inclito's house. She feeds on Inclito's grandmother until Silkhorn tells her to stop. When her mind joins with Silkhorn's, astral travel is possible. She is the genetic production of Bean.

Feather. VBM

Feeler. VBM

FEIST: An officer in the rebel army.

FEMUR: Incus' older brother by seven years.


FULMAR: A member of Incus' circle of black mechanics. He hosts the gathering that Incus can't attend when Quetzal sends him to Limna. Incus describes him as a fool, which may be a clue that he is not all that he appears and some knowledge of the war situation is to be explained at the meeting of the black mechanics that evening. Fulmar is the man whose valet requests no compensation for his duties.

All material in The Encyclopedia of the Long Sun is copyrighted. Please do not reproduce without express written consent. The character format and list for the Book of Silk is by Sean Whalen.

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